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Alex Cosper is the creator of Sunsetrip, which expands the mind through entertaining, educational and enlightening songs. Introducing ... Sunsetrip is the debut album comprising a unique blend of acoustic/electronic music set to storyteller lyrics. Below are music videos Sunsetrip has released so far.

Released December 31, 2023 via DistroKid
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All songs produced and performed by Alex Cosper. John Young plays drums on "Nature's Lost Times." Phil Chapman plays flute on "Nature's Lost Times."

Sunsetrip Videos

Sonic Rain lyrics

Over The Bridge lyrics

Long Dark Rabbit Hole lyrics

Experimental Music of the Mind Part 2 lyrics

Experimental Music of the Mind Part 1 lyrics

There Will Always Be Surf (instrumental)

Scene On The Riverside lyrics

Rock N' Roll Saved The Day lyrics

Nature's Lost Times lyrics

A Century of Radio lyrics

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